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Until nowadays Vocational Training has been organized according to two main approaches: “intentional” (or Formal Learning), planned and organized to develop learning and “implicit” (or non-formal learning) as a result of activities not organized on purpose (e.g. work). Today a third approach, defined “context-based”, is applied to on-the-job practices structured to develop learning during, within and through work experiences. It encompasses research-intervention initiatives, improvement projects, action learning, plans and actions from development. This is the shift from a teacher-based method and programme to a track built and shared with the participant, in order to connect new knowledge to prior learning, knowledge and systems already integrated and active in her/his working and everyday life. An organization nowadays survives and competes according to its ability to identify, acquire and apply competences, avoiding on the one hand the risk of overload and considering the necessity for keeping useful competences (“core competencies”) and on the other outlining the essential processes for knowledge transfer and knowledge development; as pointed out by Anthony G. Oettinger “How much tradition to avoid death and how much innovation to avoid outburst?”
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FACING (italian only)
  Project state: in corso
  Project code: n░ 2015-1-IT01-KA102-004282 - Codice CUP G76D15001070006
  Project owner: Confindustria Veneto SIAV S.p.A.
  Sponsor authority: ComunitÓ Europea
  Financing line: Erasmus Plus - KA1 - Mobility for VET Learners And Staff
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